Monday, October 20, 2008

a word about chick peas

I've never been a fan of chick peas, but Number One Daughter loves them, so they have become quite a staple in our diet. I've never had much luck cooking them, so I've usually bought them in cans. Name brands are generally bigger and organic is usually tastier. They are a hot item at our grocery store. I frequently have to climb up on the top shelf to get the last few cans. I recently tried to cook them from dried and was pleasantly surprised with how tasty simple chick peas can be. The need to be soaked overnight or they will get mushy and split. After soaking, cover them with water and cook on high in a Crock Pot for about 4 hours, add one Tablespoon of Kosher salt (for one or two pounds), cook an additional hour. I drained them and put them in freezer bags. They thaw in about 30 seconds in the microwave. When I fry them, they stay together and when I mash them for No Tuna Salad, the texture is just much better.

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