Friday, October 31, 2008

down to the wire

As of this minute Speed Racer , St. Philomena and St. Anthony are ready for Trick-or Treating. I still need to buy some red thread to finish Speed's scarf, but if he has to, he can go with raw edges. Last year, Number Two Son was sick, so this will be his first adventure in a costume. Last year I didn't make the kids costumes. I really enjoy making costumes, I have this thing about not having the same thing as everyone else does. I wasn't feeling so hot last year either, so Number One Son wore his circa 1970s Spider man costume that he got for his birthday and Number One Daughter wore a hand-me-down Cinderella costume. She had planned to be a pink pony, but changed her mind on the way out the door. Number One Son, got the cutest look on his face when he pulled his Speed shirt over his face and saw himself in the mirror. I can see him transforming with the hair and eyebrows tonight. Honestly, I was very surprised when Number One Daughter decided that she wanted to be St. Philomena. She never takes my suggestions. I believe that we will butt heads until the end of time. She is excited and I think she knows enough about out dear St. Philomena that she can answer questions if anyone asks. Hopefully, they will once again agree to trading their Halloween treats for Mom and dad allergy-safe bought candy (chocolate).

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