Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lights Out

Last night was our first of of six "Lights Out Friday Night." I read about it on a blog as a sacrifice for Lent. Turn out the lights and turn off the electronics after dark. In hindsight, we should have planned better and discussed what it meant to us. Hubby thought it was a great idea, but his idea was different from mine. I got called in to work at the last minute. On my way out the door, I spouted off a list of chores, dinner menu, etc.. When I got home, it was already dark outside, so they lights were off and there were lots of candles, very nice. As is custom, the minute I walk in, the kids start with, "I'm hungry," and I ask, "Did Daddy feed you?" "No nothing." Due to a carrot experiment by Number Two Son, the large cast iron skillet needed to be washed and it was dark so we were having trouble finding the right scrubbie. I tuned to the stove and the clock light was out. Hubby had turned off all the breakers. I had forgotten to explain to him that the point of lights out was to LEARN to simplify, not FORCE simplicity on the children. I did use the over-the stove-light while cooking dinner and I screwed in the refrigerator light so I could see where the food was, but other than that, it was Light's Out Friday. Once the breakers were turned back on, the kids flipped the bathroom lights a couple of times, but they really had fun with the candles (note to self, buy lots more candles). While I was cooking, Hubby played around on the piano and then brought the Beatle's songbook to the table to try and teach Number One Son the words to "I am the Walrus." That ended in Hubby walking away and Number One Son in tears. Grumpy-because-I-a-still-sick Hubby and I-don't-know-when-to-not-be-silly Number One Son do not mix in the dark. After dinner we played a couple of games of  "Go Fish" that were truly excruciating for the adults. Number One Son kept trying to go out of order (sequencing issues, I guess) and Number One Daughter was just asking for cards, whether she had one of the pair, or not, but Number Two Son was absolutely joyful when anyone got a match. Three games of double-nine dominoes and Hubby and I were ready for bed! Next week we will plan much better! I never imagined that no lights or electronic devices would be so exhausting!