Monday, May 14, 2018

Another Sad Mother’s Day

For the past several years, Mother's Day has been filled with overwhelming sadness. I can't quite figure out the source of my sadness.
I am more of a gift-of-service person than anything else, so I am usually very happy when the kids clean the kitchen and make me cards. I ask for a clean kitchen or good church behavior for my birthday and mother's day. I did hint that I wanted New baking racks and a canister set, but suggested it for my birthday. I don't think it isn't because I didn't "get" anything. Yesterday, Number One Son rode his bike to H-E-B and bought me three doughnuts and cleaned the kitchen and took care of the entire set of cast iron. I got sweet cards from Number One Daughter, Number Two Son and Rainbow Baby. My MIL sent me a sweet musical e card and FaceBook was filled with greetings and Mother's Day Love. I talked to my Mom for almost an hour on the phone. I miss her, we haven't been able to visit because the Suburban has transmission problems and my spare tire is flat.
Yesterday, at Mass, our baby Priest talked asked for prayers for mothers of miscarried babies, babies lost to abortion and those struggling with infertility. I wonder if my sadness has to do with the children I didn't get to "mother?"
I guess I have to be ok with not knowing, this is hard, but I've had lots of practice.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cap 2K!

Number One Son swam the #Cap2K last week.
He has almost always been "The Little Engine That Could" when it comes to swimming.
The night before the swim, I was reflecting on one of his first experiences in the swimming pool. He was wearing a white bucket hat, lots of sunscreen and turquoise baby swim trunks. He jumped right out of my arms and SANK! He had no protective mechanism at all!! I grabbed him right away but it felt like it was happening in slow motion. He had 3 summers of swim lessons and the next year, we bought him a snorkel mask and snorkel and that summer he could swim non-stop for hours. The next summer, we practiced swimming with goggles and no snorkel and put him on the City of Austin Swim Team. Summer League Swim team has been so good for him. He still struggles with dyspraxia, but he has figured out how to swim efficiently, slow and steady.
As he swam under us, an overwhelming sense of relief and pride overtook me, I couldn't talk, I just wanted to race down to the finish line to see him and congratulate him for a job well done.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Homeschool Blessings

Today is our Homeschool Blessing Mass. We have been homeschooling for close to 10 years!
The year after we started homeschooling, I coordinated my first Blessing Mass. I had no idea what I was doing!!
It was much easier this year and last. I a so very thankful for the beautiful families that the Holy Spirit has placed in my path. I really miss the families that I met when we first started homeschooling and the wonderful K4J families and park day friends. How am I going to create similar memories for my caboose? I find it increasingly difficult to find social outlets for her. I know people with children her age but our schedules don't match up (or it is a common/reoccurring fear that my kids' behavior and our food allergies have alienated us from everyone.)
A long time ago when our lives were in turmoil, a beloved priest told us to "circle the wagons" and focus on our little family. Ever since then, it has been very, very difficult to join or return to normalcy.

Jesus I Trust You!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reconciling Peace and Fear

Eight years ago, my community of Catholic homeschoolers  were very worried about the future of our country. I didn't sleep for days because I was so worried about the future. At the time, I had no idea that our health insurance would cost more than a mortgage payment; police officers would be targets of violence; Christian small businesses would bullied into closing and forced into buying morally unacceptable heath insurance; and Nuns that take care of the dying would be forced to buy birth control and abortion inducing drugs. President Obama appointed Supreme Court judges that made their opinions about supporting abortion well known.
I am a bit confused by the riots and protests only in that, we didn't riot 8 years ago. Why should they? Is it really going to make a difference? 
I tried to calm the fear and judgement in my 3rd Grade RE Class last night. The president can't do some of the things that social media (and I use that term very loosely) says he is going to do. We just need to be patient and trust Jesus. It is still the year of Mercy, let us give and receive Mercy.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

St. Elmo, protect Texas!

Today is the Feast day of St. Elmo-patron of sailors and protection from storms. St. Elmo's Fire is an atmospheric phenomenon that can be seen before or during the storm - lights on masts, rocks, ropes etc. 
It's named after St. Elmo, who did not fear thunders striking beneath him. Sailors say it's a good omen and sign, that God guides the ship through the storm.