Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Queen of Heaven

I saved this more than a month ago to post this month. I really should have prayed this beautiful prayer yesterday before heading to Republic Square for the Stand4Life prayer service. The "orange shirts" were yelling and promoting a particularly disturbing message. The kids were angry and protective, it is hard for them, especially Number One Daughter, to pray for those who are fallen. I don't always respond to her anger in a way that fosters change. I am working on that, some days are better than others. I pray for more good days than bad and beams of joy amidst the struggles.

August Queen of Heaven, Sovereign Mistress of Angels, you who at the beginning received from God
the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan,
we beseech you humbly, send your holy legions so that,
on your orders and by your power, they will track down demons,
fight them everywhere, curb their audacity and plunge them into the abyss.

Who is like God?

Oh good and tender Mother,
you will always be our love and our hope.
Oh divine Mother, send the Holy Angels and Archangels to defend me
and to keep the cruel enemy far from me.

Holy Angels and Archangels defend us, protect us. Amen.