Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last year's RE class was rough, so far, this year's class has been a huge blessing! Last night, one of the students asked what 'canonized' meant which led to a discussion of purgatory (they had never heard of it before), Sainthood and Feast Days. They didn't know about St. Francis, St. Faustina or how people become a saint. Even though all my 3rd graders have made their First Communion, they have some Catholic Core Knowledge to learn. They learned the St. Gertrude prayer and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy last night. I will keep praying that they keep asking questions and that the Holy Spirit guides me in my answers.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not something I really wanted to hear:

"You are the first patient that this treatment has not worked on."
Gee, thanks, Dr :(
Hoping and praying that I don't end up as the only person NaproTechnology doesn't help. My poor children will have vivid memories of a Momma with PMS and as Tweens/Teens a Momma going through menopause. Great!