Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sibling Bonds

Earlier this week, we were driving home from our co-op, it was unusually quiet in the car and Number Two Son was talking (Praise God!), I tuned in to listen and he was listing our family, "Momma, Daddy, Number One Son, Number One Daughter, Baby Sister..." and he kept repeating the list over and over again. Later in the day, when I was finishing up making some beaded gifts for RE teachers, he ran up to my bead work station and said, "Help Momma, baby..." all of the children helped me make a Chaplet of Divine Mercy to bury with the baby right before we buried her. I pray that as the children grow, they will continue to listen to their special Saint in Heaven. I would have never imagined the fruit of our sufferings. All children are gifts from God, even the ones we only know in our hearts and prayers. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night we took our RE class to confession during the regular Wednesday confession. When it came down to only the children who had made their first confession and first commuinion, we had four, 4, quatro out of 13. No wonder they ask so many questions. It was at the insistance of my wise co-teacher, sign language interpreter that we took the kids. It was a really wonderful class. One of our students that is deaf didn't bat an eye, she willingly went to confession knowing that the Fr. Mike didn't sign. She nodded her head that she can speak, but she doesn't in class, but she did with the priest. Last night was a lesson in how eight and nine year old children trust in Jesus. The other students prayed a decade of the Rosary while we waited and when we went back to class and read a story about Our Lady of Guadalupe. I left class with Peace, hugs and kisses from Heaven. Thank You Jesus, Mary, St. Faustina and little Faustina Mary Elizabeth, I love you with all my heart!