Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me + busy day= disaster

Yesterday the kids and I went our first co- op meeting. They have been so excited that sleep was not that important to them. They were up late and up early. I need some quiet time, usually I get it at the end of the day when everybody is asleep or early in the morning after Hubby has gone to work. Monday at park day, Number One Daughter sat under the table and ate a few pieces of fallen popcorn. She got a tummy ache, threw up and we had to leave abruptly, but we did get to put together an awesome little book about St. John Vianney. We are going to dedicate this year to him. The kids had so much fun in class and playing on the playground, they didn't want to leave. Since Number One Daughter was still suffering the ill effects of eating popcorn, she lost it and had a temper tantrum, the likes I haven't seen in two years. Gimpy Momma had to carry her across the parking lot. Yes, my neck and ankle are hurting, but I'm too tired to even think about that. Last night, after co-op, I went to RE teacher training, Target and the grocery store. I made the kids and Hubby food and was rushing around like crazy. I guess when I put the cheese in the microwave to melt, I mistakenly did it for too long, because when I added more water, flour, put the blade to the Magic Bullet on, screamed at the Number Two Son to "Sit down!" "Hot," and then turned on the little blender, BOOM! Cheesy flour paste explodes into my face. I'm okay, no burns, just crispies in my hair. Honestly, it could have been much worse. The kids were at the table three feet away and Number Two Son was running up behind me saying, "Help Momma," as I held him off with my leg. Too much going on at once? I agree!
Thank you to my Lord in heaven for keeping us safe. Amen.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stop the Abortion Mandate

I can't post this video from my phone, but hopefully the link works:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Wonderful World

I went to a RE Teacher meeting tonight and I was saddened by what I heard. Parents don't bring their children to Mass, even with their precious angels ask them. Our little world is full of families that go to Mass, pray together and some are daily Communicants! We always went to Church, my mother insisted. She did stop fighting with us at one point and left us at home. If we got up and got ready, we could go with her. Reverse psychology? I'll admit when the kids are having a bad day, I go without them, but they certainly go more than they don't and we try to go to one Daily Mass a week. Summer has not been good for our daily Mass attendance, but I'm determined to change that. I guess instead of guilting parents into taking their children to Mass, we will pray for them and make a point of offering sacrifices for Catholics who don't go to Mass or take their children.

Summer 2009

When I first started this blog, I wanted to have a place for our allergy-free recipies, but I also wanted a place to vent. I'm pretty proud of my Debbie Downer, negative side hasn't made her way out too often. It has been a rough summer. God prepaired me for this. To paraphrase St. Faustina, suffering souls are closer to God. It has been bad, but not unbearable. We never have enough money and this summer it has gotten worse: I gave up a day of work when Hubby needed to spend more time at work; my week-end paycheck went from $240.00+ to $32.00; Hubby got hired for a summer school job only to find out that the principal had hired three times as many teachers as she needed; my Friday work hours got cut; my already piddly paycheck shrunk with camp/vacations; Our computer crashed and remains dead; Number Two Son needs over $2000.00 worth of dental work done; Bank of America continues to screw the little guy by sucking us dry with overdraft charges and more; we seriously have nothing else to pawn or hock; Number Two Son took our cell phone in the sprinklers; our cars have broken down several times AND it has been over 100* for 50 + days. There is more, but I'm moving on to blessings: Hubby got a break from teaching, the kids have learned to play nicely together inside, Number One Son has started picking up and cleaning, we spent more time in the pool than we ever have; Number One Daughter's Godfather has fixed our broken cars for a few meals; we are all healthy; I have the best Mother-in-law; Hubby and I don't fight, even about money. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St. Philomena's Feast Day

Yesterday was St. Philomena's feast day. It was a busy, lazy, fussy, grumpy day for all of us. When we were praying the St. Philomena Chaplet last night, Number One Daughter reminded me that we hadn't made a cake! So today for breakfast, the kids had garbanzo bean flour gingerbread "cake" iced with fluffy white icing. We read about St. Philomena and when I asked for prayer intentions, Number One Son said, "To have a long and healthy life." Number One Daughter said, "To go to heaven to be with God." I made sure to say a prayer of thanksgiving for Number Two Son starting to talk, and Number One Son and Daughter to occasionally eat food they were allergic to. I love you St. Philomena, I'm so happy we found each other.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Does he really understand?

Yesterday when we got home from Church, Number Two Son noticed the crab's shell outside. He started screaming something, but at that point I had no idea what he was saying. We got inside and he continued sobbing and then he pointed to the crab habitat (that now is a walking stick habitat). The lights went on in my dense, sleep deprived Mommy brain and I said, "Cracken?" He repeated it, so we went outside got the shell washed it off and then we had to explain to our sobbing two year old that his crab was dead or "gone gone." Number Two Son can now open the fridge (when it is not locked) and bust through our very secure baby gates. My baby is growing up :(

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Full Moon

Today started off pretty well and deteriorated from there. We got the kids up, dressed, in the car and off to church. We were a bit early, so we picked out a nice shady parking spot and I proceeded to back in. As soon as I put the car in reverse, another car drove to the back of the parking lot and I was hurrying to get out of their way, but, "Houston we have a problem." My right passenger mirror is broken and it took me three tries to get in the space without going up on the curb. Feeling frustrated, I barked that I can't do everything. Hubby and I are gold-star procrastinators. Most of the time, because we have no money, other times, we are just lazy. We reviewed with the kids what we expected of them and found our seats. Suprisingly, they had Children's Church today (they took July off, but I never saw/heard an announcement). Number One Daughter and I went, Hubby and the boys stayed in the big Church. When we finished I was suprised to see Hubby and the boys in the foyer. A very large family came on during the homily (really late) and all seven of them squeezed across Hubby (even though the end of the pew was empty and they could have entered without disturbing anyone. Well, there was no room for us when we returned, so he packed up and headed to the foyer. Number One Son and Number One Daughter and I sat on the window benches until church ended. We headed straight to the auto parts store to get a new battery and mirror. Hubby did a good job considering he had a rookie clerk. Amazingly, the big family that had pushed Hubby and the boys off the pew drove up right next to us. (Hubby didn't notice and neither did they.) We deserved a treat... off to Amy's Ice Cream. The kids did great and were very thankful for the "special treat." At bedtime, Number One Daughter walked on the kitchen and I burst into tears. She cut her hair again. I cut an 8" ponytail off to even it up. While I was doing that, Number Two Son put new shoes, talking phone, stuffed animals and a half of a roll of toilet paper in his bath. I am so ready for this day to be over! St. Faustina will be working in full gear to help me get to sleep tonight.