Sunday, August 2, 2009

Full Moon

Today started off pretty well and deteriorated from there. We got the kids up, dressed, in the car and off to church. We were a bit early, so we picked out a nice shady parking spot and I proceeded to back in. As soon as I put the car in reverse, another car drove to the back of the parking lot and I was hurrying to get out of their way, but, "Houston we have a problem." My right passenger mirror is broken and it took me three tries to get in the space without going up on the curb. Feeling frustrated, I barked that I can't do everything. Hubby and I are gold-star procrastinators. Most of the time, because we have no money, other times, we are just lazy. We reviewed with the kids what we expected of them and found our seats. Suprisingly, they had Children's Church today (they took July off, but I never saw/heard an announcement). Number One Daughter and I went, Hubby and the boys stayed in the big Church. When we finished I was suprised to see Hubby and the boys in the foyer. A very large family came on during the homily (really late) and all seven of them squeezed across Hubby (even though the end of the pew was empty and they could have entered without disturbing anyone. Well, there was no room for us when we returned, so he packed up and headed to the foyer. Number One Son and Number One Daughter and I sat on the window benches until church ended. We headed straight to the auto parts store to get a new battery and mirror. Hubby did a good job considering he had a rookie clerk. Amazingly, the big family that had pushed Hubby and the boys off the pew drove up right next to us. (Hubby didn't notice and neither did they.) We deserved a treat... off to Amy's Ice Cream. The kids did great and were very thankful for the "special treat." At bedtime, Number One Daughter walked on the kitchen and I burst into tears. She cut her hair again. I cut an 8" ponytail off to even it up. While I was doing that, Number Two Son put new shoes, talking phone, stuffed animals and a half of a roll of toilet paper in his bath. I am so ready for this day to be over! St. Faustina will be working in full gear to help me get to sleep tonight.

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