Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer 2009

When I first started this blog, I wanted to have a place for our allergy-free recipies, but I also wanted a place to vent. I'm pretty proud of my Debbie Downer, negative side hasn't made her way out too often. It has been a rough summer. God prepaired me for this. To paraphrase St. Faustina, suffering souls are closer to God. It has been bad, but not unbearable. We never have enough money and this summer it has gotten worse: I gave up a day of work when Hubby needed to spend more time at work; my week-end paycheck went from $240.00+ to $32.00; Hubby got hired for a summer school job only to find out that the principal had hired three times as many teachers as she needed; my Friday work hours got cut; my already piddly paycheck shrunk with camp/vacations; Our computer crashed and remains dead; Number Two Son needs over $2000.00 worth of dental work done; Bank of America continues to screw the little guy by sucking us dry with overdraft charges and more; we seriously have nothing else to pawn or hock; Number Two Son took our cell phone in the sprinklers; our cars have broken down several times AND it has been over 100* for 50 + days. There is more, but I'm moving on to blessings: Hubby got a break from teaching, the kids have learned to play nicely together inside, Number One Son has started picking up and cleaning, we spent more time in the pool than we ever have; Number One Daughter's Godfather has fixed our broken cars for a few meals; we are all healthy; I have the best Mother-in-law; Hubby and I don't fight, even about money. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us.

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