Wednesday, August 12, 2009

St. Philomena's Feast Day

Yesterday was St. Philomena's feast day. It was a busy, lazy, fussy, grumpy day for all of us. When we were praying the St. Philomena Chaplet last night, Number One Daughter reminded me that we hadn't made a cake! So today for breakfast, the kids had garbanzo bean flour gingerbread "cake" iced with fluffy white icing. We read about St. Philomena and when I asked for prayer intentions, Number One Son said, "To have a long and healthy life." Number One Daughter said, "To go to heaven to be with God." I made sure to say a prayer of thanksgiving for Number Two Son starting to talk, and Number One Son and Daughter to occasionally eat food they were allergic to. I love you St. Philomena, I'm so happy we found each other.


Richard Donley Fox said...

You can learn much more about Saint Philomena by visiting,

A.D.D. Honey Bee said...

Thank you for the link!