Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me + busy day= disaster

Yesterday the kids and I went our first co- op meeting. They have been so excited that sleep was not that important to them. They were up late and up early. I need some quiet time, usually I get it at the end of the day when everybody is asleep or early in the morning after Hubby has gone to work. Monday at park day, Number One Daughter sat under the table and ate a few pieces of fallen popcorn. She got a tummy ache, threw up and we had to leave abruptly, but we did get to put together an awesome little book about St. John Vianney. We are going to dedicate this year to him. The kids had so much fun in class and playing on the playground, they didn't want to leave. Since Number One Daughter was still suffering the ill effects of eating popcorn, she lost it and had a temper tantrum, the likes I haven't seen in two years. Gimpy Momma had to carry her across the parking lot. Yes, my neck and ankle are hurting, but I'm too tired to even think about that. Last night, after co-op, I went to RE teacher training, Target and the grocery store. I made the kids and Hubby food and was rushing around like crazy. I guess when I put the cheese in the microwave to melt, I mistakenly did it for too long, because when I added more water, flour, put the blade to the Magic Bullet on, screamed at the Number Two Son to "Sit down!" "Hot," and then turned on the little blender, BOOM! Cheesy flour paste explodes into my face. I'm okay, no burns, just crispies in my hair. Honestly, it could have been much worse. The kids were at the table three feet away and Number Two Son was running up behind me saying, "Help Momma," as I held him off with my leg. Too much going on at once? I agree!
Thank you to my Lord in heaven for keeping us safe. Amen.

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