Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPod Pat On The Back

I am so proud of myself. I was able to voice record the Boy Scout Law on my iPhone, email it, download it to iTunes and load it on Number One Son's iPod! I can't wait to hear his reaction when he finds out what I have done. His iPod is currently in time out for bad RE behavior. iTunes is so frustrating to me, I lose all my songs almost every time I sync it. Our computer died so now I have to locate all of the CD's I used to put music in my itunes account or lose the songs. I'm hoping that iCloud is all it is touted to be, we will see...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did I Miss a Memo?
We had one of the best family days I can remember today at Schlitterbahn. Hubby tried for months to win us tickets and he finally did! We waited until this week to go because it has been so blazing hot in Texas. Since we do not have A/C in the old Blazer, I wear a bandana when I am driving to keep my naturally frizzy hair from standing up on it's ends. I "washed away the gray" a few days ago and I wanted to protect my hair from the sun and chlorine. I saw no one, not even a bald man, wearing a bandana. There were thousands of people so I guess, no matter how practical, people don't wear bandanas in 2011. I missed that memo and will still continue to wear my pretty white and black bandana.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yes, you are invited!

We had our beautiful Children's Holy Hour today. One of the ladies that is an RE teacher at our church was there with her grandchildren. I told her thank you for coming, as I do with everyone that comes. She told me she didn't know about the Holy Hours. We have been doing it for three years. There is a pulpit and bulletin announcement every month. All the RE kids got bookmarks and the bookmarks with all the pertinent information were passed out at the Ministry Fair last year. I even announced it at a RE teacher training class last week. The Catholic bookstore down the street put up a small poster for us again this year. Today, on the way out, another homeschool family thanked Fr. Mike for inviting them. It made me think about what people need to really KNOW that Jesus is inviting them and their children to spend time with him. I know people are busy, I have people tell me all the time how they wish they could come, they at least, hear, see and read about the Holy Hour. My frustration is people not hearing, seeing or reading about special time for their family to spend with Jesus. I must be taking the comment, "I never knew about this," personally. I'll keep praying for peace and guidance. I will say that I am so happy that as time passes more and more families join us.

RIP, Big Dog