Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creatures of Habit?

Our pets go through phases about where they sleep. Smart Puppy always sleeps with Hubby, but I think he'd sleep in my bed if I let him. Red dog sleeps in her crate, but would probably sleep with Hubby if he let her. The cats are an entirely different story. Calico kitty prefers to sleep on Number Two Son's chest or face, but some days she is in the window, behind the computer with Hubby, in the baby bed or under the bed. Hubby's cat almost always sleeps with Hubby unless Smart Puppy gives him a hard time or the door gets closed before he gets in the room. This week, I found him on my feet and he slept next to the kids, which he hasn't done since they were babies. He's back with Hubby now, I think it has something to do with a bottle of coriander oil getting poured out in my room. It smells nice, but STRONG! Kids' cat goes between sleeping with Number One Son (a big no-no) to my room, to Hubby's room. Yesterday, all of the pets (except Red Dog) were in bed with Hubby. No one would have stayed asleep if I had let her join the slumber party, she hates cats, especially Calico kitty, Hubby says it is a girl-thing.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Started Again

I am having the hardest time getting started this school year. Even though I've generally planned to start "school" the day after labor Day. We usually start when Hubby goes back to work, three weeks before our planned date. Not this year. We started our wonderful co-op yesterday, so we have started something and I finally got a replacement copy of Hooked-on-Phonics for Number One Daughter, so things are happening, but not like they have in the past. I usually spend time in the summer getting prepared. This summer, I worked more than I have since I left full-time employment 8 years ago when Number One Son was born. Also, we finally got the computer up and going and it has been monopolized by everyone but me. That just has to stop! Number One Son can do his auditory training program, but just tooling around when I need to do CEUs, plan meetings or activities, etc... Can't happen anymore. I guess I'll have to put up a sign up sheet next to the computer since 5 of us are using it now! The house is such a wreck. Hubby usually helps out in that department, but it was all he could do to keep track of our very busy, destructive kids when I was away for 6-8 hours a day for a month. We have so much to do, but we have a few more days to get some dishes done, floors cleaned, books shelved, walls scrubbed, laundry sorted... Number One Daughter and I sorted boy clothes yesterday. She was crazy-happy to help. She loves for others to hand down clothes, but has a drop-down-red-face-convulsive-FIT if I put her clothes in a bag to give away. I'll have to do it when she is sleeping or on a date with Hubby ;). We have been so blessed to have generous family and friends pass clothes to us, but I've been horrible about sorting and passing on clothes to others. I've been praying the Novena to the Infant of Prague to help us get our house organized, maybe I'm asking for the wrong thing?