Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our last hermit crab died this week. I am a major animal lover, but I'm not too sad about this one. Crabs are not warm or fuzzy or the least bit interesting. They were fun for the kids at first, but the new wore off and they sat in the family room and we would occasionally hear the clank of him going to the water dish. We started with three little crabs three years ago. One diedand it wasso traumatic to Number One Son that when Number One Daughter's died we secretly replaced it. Hubby bought Cracken (who was the size of a mouse) for Number Two Son, but after he got pinched, he didn't much care for him. Crabs are pretty low maintenance, but we are used to animals that love you back (for the most part). Yea! One less critter to feed and water and clean up after. We aren't going to tell the kids until they notice he is gone. I can imagine they will cry hysterically which makes no sense to me since they didn't really cry when Little Dog died. One of these days I might figure that one out.

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