Sunday, July 5, 2009

e-bay oops

I had saved two of my childhood dolls, Baby Crissy and Newborn Baby Tenderlove, when I stopped playing with dolls. I don't remember if I passed them on to my niece or if they might still be packed away somewhere at my parent's house. I found several baby Crissy dolls and e-bay, but I kept getting outbid. Yesterday, I finally decided to bid on a pretty little doll with a tear on her back. I felt sure that she could be cleaned up and repaired. I the checked my g-mail account and, oops, I had already won one. Yup, now I have two baby Crissy dolls. If I find the one at my parents, I'll have three. Number One Daughter has her heart set on one of each for Christmas. I wonder what she'll do when she gets more than she asked for? I'm still searching for the girl Newborn Baby Tenderlove.

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