Thursday, July 9, 2009

blood types

We didn't find out what blood type our kids were, for some reason, they either don't share that information or they don't do the test at the hospital. I ordered kits for all of us as a science experiment. Number One Son was very excited to do the test, although I didn't really want to yesterday. He was tired from swimming and I needed help from hubby who had to hold Smart Puppy all day after he got neutered. I broke down and got out the kit. After we got started, he chickened out, but we finally convinced him, after much drama, to"cowboy up!" His result, O positive, very curious since Hubby said he was AB positive and I am A positive. Well, I was just too curious, Hubby is really O positive. Number Two Son was so brave insisting that he have a turn too. No tears and O positive. Well, honestly, I thought at least one of them would have my blood type, but there was one last hope. I bribed Number One Daughter and she finally relented and I couldn't believe it, A negative! I am bummed, Rh negative blood can be a problem for women of they marry a Rh positive man. What are the odds? I'm not sure, but I don't know anyone in the family with Rh negative (I'll have to ask around), but scientifically, it is possible.


Abigail said...

Which kids did you end up ordering. I still need to do this. Both Sarah and I are A+

Abigail said...

That should say kits, not kids. OOPS!

Anonymous said...

I'm A- and Steve is positive and you just have to get a shot of rogham at mid pregnancy and then right after the birth. And then carry a card around in your wallet. It is really no big deal, but the shot really hurts like a, well, you can insert your own words if you like. It is thick like molasses and they give it to you in your upper hip. I'm no creampuff when it comes to shots or medical procedures, but it brought tears to my eyes everytime. Ouch!!! ~Lesley