Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Momma, Big Dog's peein' in the front room!"

Now how can this happen? Big Dog is closed up in her crate waiting patiently until Number One Son brings little dog back inside. Oh, Number One daughter thought it might be funny to let Big Dog run around the house? Big Dog can only run around the house after her morning pee! It was funny, only to her, until we discovered what Big Dog's big bladder got wet. Number One Daughter has learned a lesson, anytime toys or books have to be thrown away, she is devastated. I hope she remembers not to let her out again, but at least it was pee, there is nothing worse in my book than dog poo. Ewww...


Jannie Funster said...

Oh no.

Our dachshund peed in the house every day, sometimes multiple times a day, until he got fixed. Then never lifted his leg again.

I see your blogger photo is an oleander. Pretty. And you realize, right, that all parts of that plant are poisonous? Just checking as I know you have kids and all. And a dog.

Found your blog just now by clicking on the Austin tag on my Blogger profile, I guess the recently updated Austin ones pop up first. Cool, eh? now only 10,00 more to surf today! No, I saw that you are somewhat the same age as I and a mom too. I don't comment on ALL blogs, ha.

A.D.D. Honey Bee said...

Thanks for the info, yes we know that it is poisonous, it is planted away from where we generally are and the kids know never to touch it.
It has been pee pee poo poo around here since we upgraded our crates to wore from the old plastic kind. Little dog has just been outside and peed because I gave big dog a treat before him! darn those little jack russell genes.