Thursday, October 30, 2008

a worry a day...

I am a born worrier. I'm not sure if my constant tummy aches as a child were from food allergies, worrying or both. I did spend eighteen months in therapy to deal with anxiety issues in the late 90s. I still suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia. This election has really gotten to me. I am saddened by the prospect of a president that will not protect the unborn humans in America. I worry about assassination attempts and riots, no matter who is elected, that will throw our country backwards to the 60's, like the OJ Simpson Trail did in the 90's.I am in awe of the families, across religions, that have come together to pray for leaders who will protect the citizens of this great country from conception to natural death. As a Catholic, I am concerned about the souls who choose to vote for death and them bring themselves to Communion. I am concerned with the Priests in the confessional who will be confronted with millions of Catholics that will take themselves to the sacrament of confession after the election. In the back of my mind, I wonder if the Pro Life/Pro Family Movement will have to go underground like the resistance did during the World Wars. I do know that many Catholics are just too polite to tell others the sins they are committing in fear of being judgmental. We struggle with our humanness often fighting the LOUD and CLEAR messages from God. Jesus I Trust in You!

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