Thursday, October 2, 2008

Even I Will Wear Pink

My mother's oldest and youngest sisters are breast cancer survivors and this month I will wear pink on a few occasions to honor them. I haven't liked pink for a long time. I think it stems back from Molly Ringwald and I sharing a similar hair color and similar skin tone and my oldest cousin telling me I looked like her in, "Pretty in Pink." Number One daughter loves pink, but I try to fill in her wardrobe with other colors too. Thankfully for her, Number Two Niece loves pink so there are plenty of hand-me-downs. Anyway, I am thankful that my Aunts have survived their breast cancer and are more than five years post-treatment. I sent a very pretty pink ribbon rosary to Nana's church for their silent auction, I pray that it ends up in the hands of someone who will use it. The auction was supposed to have been in September, but due to Hurricane Ike it was rescheduled to October, how fortuitious. I will not donate to the big-name breast cancer foundation due to thier funding of immoral research an pro-death political stand.

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