Monday, October 20, 2008

and one more thing

Saturday night when I put frozen turkey in the microwave to thaw it out for the cats, our microwave made a terrible sound. It has just turned nine years old, the diagnosis was clear. Now we had to come up with the money for another over-the-range microwave. The over-the-range variety are much more expensive than the counter top models. Fortunately for us, they are also cheaper that they were nine years ago. I found one for $149.00 at Home Depot, Yea! I took the three kids to Home Depot to get the new microwave while Hubby took the old one out. I get home and we start to put it in and it was missing the little package of nuts, bots, screws, etc... I went back to Home Depot and five holes in the cabinet later, it is installed! It is a little louder than the old one, the fan turns on automatically when it runs, but even if it lasts half the time, we saved money. I am ever so thankful for the invention of the microwave.

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