Friday, October 10, 2008

God Bless America

I think some of the time, American's are too quick to judge the situation with immigration and what immigrants can offer our country. I am humbled by the courage that it takes immigrants to leave their families and sometimes move a world away, not knowing the language and giving up their support system. Some immigrant families live very meager lives so that they can send money home. I have the privilege of knowing a few families that have given up their traditional extended families and come to America. Tonight I met a young Korean couple. They were involved in a serious car accident about a month ago. He had a brain injury and her jaw was broken as well as many other broken bones that left them in the intensive care unit for many weeks. I can not imagine almost losing my life, not understanding that language and not having my family to support me. How can their bodies heal with all of that stress? I can only pray that the company that he works for will continue to proved support so that they can either go home or stay, whatever is best for them. When I hear nasty comments about closing off our borders to immigrants, I try to turn it around and point out the blessings that these new, patriotic Americans can bring us. They appreciate their families, they hold democracy close to their heart, they enlist in the military so their families can join them. They put their lives on the line to fight for the freedom that they left everything for and we so often take for granted. I am trying to teach our children that Jesus loves us all, why should an arbitrary line in the sand change that?

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