Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dulcis Potato

We are learning Latin names for foods and since we had sweet potatoes for breakfast, the kids asked me to look up the Latin word for sweet potato. Hubby always reminds me that the oven is on (but it is not) when I put sweet potatoes in the oven at night for breakfast the next morning. I've only recently started setting the timer for the oven to cook one of the few complex carbohydrates that we can eat while we sleep. It is nice to have a warm breakfast that is ready when we get up and it is still cool enough that the kitchen is not miserably hot all day from using the oven. I wrap them in foil, put them on a cookie sheet and bake them at 400* for 1 hour. Sometimes they sit in the oven for a couple of hours before we eat them, by then they are just right. Number One Son has always loved them, it was the food that helped him sleep through the night when he was seven months old. Number One Daughter was allergic to them, but they are one of the foods that she can eat once a week and not have a reaction. Intuitively, she will eat them one day and then not want them for a while. Number Two Son loves them, especially sweet potato chips. We found out mandolin slicer which makes frying much quicker and easier. I prefer to make them since a bag of sweet potato chips costs almost $4.00 and I can make them for the cost of a couple of sweet potatoes (<$1.00 per pound).

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