Tuesday, October 28, 2008

offering sacrifices

Since we all have food allergies, I thought I'd take the opportunity to teach the kids about offering sacrifices as a form of prayer. Honestly, I am a cradle Catholic and I can't remember being taught about sacrifices (outside of Lent) and I went through RCIA with my husband and helped the next year. I was fretting on how to teach them. We rented Therese, and although it was a lovely movie, it really skimmed over her offering sacrifices. They totally missed it. They have a working knowledge of the word sacrifice. I simply told them that when they made a choice to not eat a food that they are allergic to or to not eat something that they love, they could offer it up as a sacrifice for the souls in purgatory. To my amazement, they immediately understood and have made it part of their daily interaction. It was suggested that in addition to the Novena for Faithful Citizenship, that we also offer sacrifices for our country. I have given up night time television. Watching TV at the end of the day is just making me to anxious. Number One Son and Number One Daughter are still thinking about what to do, Hubby has given up at-home computer time. God Bless America, Our lady of America, pray for us. Jesus I Trust in You!

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