Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who Stole My Son?

Today has been one of those days that started off fine, but as breakfast and schooling progressed and Number One Daughter woke up things started going terribly wrong. Today we read about St. Michael the Archangel. Part of me wants to think that Number One Son is physically not feeling well, why else would things have turned so ugly? For a long time, I've thought that eggs might be the culprit, today is an egg day. He had his asthma and allergy medicine. I am puzzled, we are following our routine, there is really nothing different about today. I've noticed that if he is exposed to chemical cleaners he will get angry, defiant or aggressive. As far as i know, he wasn't exposed to anything this morning. Could the dye in the purple Elmer's glue stick have done it? He told me the devil got into him. I told him to get him and then we had a funny moment when he started blowing and I told him, "Don't blow him in my mouth!" We skipped formal "math" today. We said the Divine Mercy Chaplet together and he kept up with the number prayers pretty well. In addition to all the other prayer intentions, Number One Son wanting to learn to read would be a very big blessing.

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