Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally getting started

My husband read something about people making money from specific blog site and suggested that I might help parents of kids with food allergies(I'm still not sure how I can make any money, but I think I need to vent sometimes). Our kids are allergic to more foods than most and all the non-allergy fast or convenience foods contain at least one or two "no-nos." Thankfully, we haven't had any life threatening reactions. I am constantly dumbfounded by adults that ask what happens when my kids eat allergic foods. Do they not trust me? If they don't end up in the ER is it okay to give them goldfish crackers because everyone else is eating them? NO!!! Number one son will willingly accept food from anyone, number one daughter will sneak foods that she is not supposed to have and number two son is still a baby/toddler and picks up all kinds of things and puts them in his mouth. I hate for my kids to be sick, I refuse to give them antihistamines just so they can eat "whatever everybody else is eating." Another gripe is family members trying to feed them meat or orchestrating a big meal where bacon or ham has been added to every vegetable and the only thing we have to eat is a big bag of premixed salad! Hubby is a teacher and when our oldest was just a baby, he came home and said, "We are homeschooling." I was freaked out about it, but loaded my brain with information and have gradually added a nice support system. I was beginning to think that my kids would never have any friends. I work 6 hours a week and this puts a damper on social activities. I was never in to Mom's Groups because I wanted to keep my kids healthy and exposing them to kids who were out and about all the time wasn't something that I wanted to do. I like that they play at home, the BIG downside to this is that our house is always messy. We have a Park Day once a week and it has been a true blessing. Number one daughter is so shy, but she has found a friend. Number one son, can't stop talking and he has also found a friend who doesn't mind. Number one son or Mom have not been diagnosed with ADD, but the syndrome runs in the family and we have "focus" issues. I have partially written a cook book, I think I'll post it here, I just can't get things together enough to shop it around to publishers.

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