Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Food Allergies Number One Son

When our son was born, I expected him to be sick with ear and sinus infections, it just ran in the family. He wasn't a sick baby, just fussy. He needed Little Tummies, Tylenol and Motrin to make it through his first two years. Maybe we needed him to have the medication, he cried so much. I couldn't bear to hear him cry, I thought that too much crying would make him sick. That kinda makes sense if you've ever had a marathon cry. Your nose and throat are swollen after crying for hours. I wanted him to be healthy. He had diaper rashes, but it wasn't until little sister was born that I discovered that diaper rashes are proof positive of food allergies. After 18 months of nursing a new pregnancy made me wean him (I know it wasn't necessary, but it was time, he is such a Momma's boy, that he'd still be nursing if I let him). All sorts of food allergies started showing up. Our very wise doctor told us that he couldn't have environmental allergies like us Until he was two. Sure enough, I read through his food journals and every time he ate peanut butter, he'd get a runny nose for two or three days and run a slight fever. I just thought he had a good immune system and got over colds quickly. We started eliminating foods and thought we had them all figured out before we made it to the allergist at four. I searched out an allergist that did not skin test children. I have had it done three times and did not want to torture him if I had a choice. At the last minute, we added "wheat" to the RAST test. I couldn't believe it when it came back that he WAS allergic to wheat. I took him off wheat for three weeks and he immediately potty trained. I let him eat it again and he wets his pants, no coincidence there. The nutritionist recommended that we take him off of corn since number one daughter was very allergic and his RAST was positive. I did and he really settled down. I was rather annoyed when the RE teachers at Church felt the need to tell me that he had trouble sitting still and had to go to the bathroom (even if we went right before) every class (even though it was only an hour). We sent popcorn as a snack since sister wasn't around and he couldn't eat the gold fish crackers. No more corn, no more wiggly Number One Son and no more excessive potty breaks. I have taught RE for 8 years and I have NEVER pointed out the obvious to a parent. Did they think they needed to tell me he was a busy boy? I swear, if I have one more person ask me if his has ADD, my head will pop off. It seems as if the world is full of psychologists and always ready to offer an unsolicited opinion. The good news is that on an elimination diet, he is pretty healthy, the bad news, he doesn't seem to be outgrowing his food allergies.

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