Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a very random thought

I'm not really complaining, but it is darn cold here. It is a day when I want to stay in bed as long as possible and sit around and drink hot chocolate, but Mom's don't usually get what they want, at least not in this lifetime. I was reminded yesterday that I don't always know everyone else's struggles. This is true, but if we could at least look normal on the outside, maybe I wouldn't care so much about the other things. I want to protect my children from other's judgment, because it is hurtful. Maybe I'm over-reacting. Most people just take them for who they are. Honestly, I think one of the many reasons we changed churches (again) is because Number One Son was not appreciated for the beautiful little soul he is. As a parent, I appreciate and take heed if a person notices not only the bad, but also the good. It still burns me that a pre-school religion teacher would tell a mother that a 4 year old boy was wiggly. Come On! this year at our old church, things are much better, they see the wonderful little soul he has. I just wish classes were not on Sunday. With me working every other weekend, K4J once a month and Cub Scouts once a month, plus Church, it has made our one day of rest WAY over scheduled!

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