Sunday, December 7, 2008

A New Puppy, really

When Number One Son and I got home from RE and Church today, the Tahoe was gone (Hubby used the spare key) and there was a note on the table "Gone to look at a dog." Well, I knew what that meant. there was a picture of a cute poodle puppy on the computer from Craig's List. Hubby got home about and hour later, new puppy sure is cute. We don't have a name for him yet, the name he came with doesn't seem to fit. He is a 10 week old miniature poodle, white with blond ears. No dog can take the place of Little Dog, maybe Hubby needs this to move on. It has been so quiet the past few days, I love the quiet. Puppy is pretty quiet, until we put him in the crate. Big Dog is quiet until she sees Puppy. Puppy is so good with all three of the kids and the cats too. He is a nibbler, two or three bites of food at a time, I will have to change that. I guess I'll get out my pet care book tonight after all have gone to sleep. Am I really ready for this? I think I might still be numbed by Little Dog's sudden death.

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