Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cranberry Apple Candy

Last night when I got home from work, Hubby had a pot of sugar on the stove, he had promised the kids that he would make them candy. He looked at it and said someone had put something in it. Number One Daughter admitted that she put soy milk in it, after we asked her , "Did you put soy milk in it?" It looked like soy milk and we, as parents often play the guessing game to get through stalemate conversations. He proceeded to make the candy and he allowed me to help him with the candy thermometer. I greased and dusted the pan with tapioca starch, he poured it out and then cooled it down. We were all excited to taste it. Our kids can't have hard candy because it all has corn syrup in it. I thought it tasted like soap, but I had just washed dishes, Hubby thought it tasted like soap, I tasted it again, it definitely tasted like soap. Number One Daughter finally admitted that she had drizzled a little Apple Scented Dawn in the sugar while Hubby was out of the kitchen. The kids are happy to eat it, but I'll pass, I have memories of Beaver on "Leave It To Beaver" getting his mouth washed out with soap and tasting soap to see if it was really that bad, it was!

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