Saturday, December 6, 2008

It is getting harder

It has only been two days, but we are really missing Little Dog. Last night when I fed Big Dog, it was very quiet. Little Dog always barked like a little wind up toy around dinner time, first to be fed and then to go out side. I opened up the cabinet to get out a bowl, and there were two. Hubby was ironing this morning and almost saw Little Dog peeking around the corner, waiting impatiently, as usual to go outside. The kids don't know what to think, but when they see Momma and Daddy crying, the run up to us and hug us, even Number Two Son. Hubby was looking at pound dogs available on the internet yesterday. He always said, no more dogs when these are gone! We will see. Our first priority is getting ourselves and Big Dog through this without too much more stress.It is still so unbelievable, Little Dog will never wake me up barking in the middle of the night, howl at trains, bark to go outside when we set down to dinner or bark when I'm on the phone. How will I ever know if someone is knocking on the door?

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