Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Dogs For Sale!

Just kidding. We had a "moment" today. It ruined my morning. I am going to do my best to turn the day back around. Number One Son and I had two full hours of awesome school time and then Number One Daughter and Number Two Son woke up. Number One Daughter woke up in a meltdown thanks to ingesting a cracker or cookie at the park yesterday. She has to come down on her own, but in the meantime Number One Son was taking Big Dog out and she got away from him and peed on Hubby's bed! Little Dog barks at everything and has been barking non-stop so he has has some vacation time out of his crate so he has peed and pooped all over the front room for day. After cleaning up Big Dog's pee, I've relocated Little Dog back into his crate so I can clean up his mess and avoid any more. This is just gross! Little Dog has been increasingly fussy since we changed his crate at the end of the summer. He is just going to have to get used to it! I do a very poor job at keeping my house clean and organized and the last thing I need is creature excrement. Ugh!

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