Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Thought I Wore the Crown

I went yesterday to get my permanent crown after wearing a temporary crown for three weeks. After several adjustments, our dentist got it to fit, x-rayed it, glued and then had me bite on a cotton rod. POP! "What was that?" I said, he said, "Your crown broke, but it wasn't anything you did, at least it happened here and not once you got home." Darn! They called back to day and I have to go back for new impressions. Good thing Hubby is home sick today. That sounds rather insensitive, but I can't imagine having to figure out when I can go to the dentist, for an hour and a half, without the kids, when I work three days after Hubby gets home and he works late the other two days. This is our crazy world.

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