Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our First Pinewood Derby

Hubby is still under the weather, so Momma got to be the Akela today. Number One Son was a little bit surprised to see Momma so excited that his car kept advancing. His car raced eight races, I think he was in the top 12, maybe top eight. It might have been more fun if some of his den friends were there. I only saw one other scout from his pack and they left before I got to talk to them. I think we need to tweak his car a little bit more before the Pack Pinewood Derby in the Spring. Number One Brother-in-law has been through a few Derbies with Number One Nephew. He really helped us not make the rookie mistakes. Number One Daughter is looking forward to painting a "Hello Kitty" pink car for a sibling entry.
Since Hubby is ill, Momma will also take Number One Son on a hike with his Tiger Cub Scouts tomorrow. This in addition to RE, church and I'm on call for work. Sunday is a day for rest, but for us, it seems to be the busiest day of the week.

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