Wednesday, January 28, 2009

poor Nana...

I hear Wendy, Michael and John from Peter Pan in my head. More sad new from our family. Nana's Little Lap Dog died yesterday. It was supposed to be an exciting day for the family. Little Lap Dog was expecting puppies and it seemed as if it was happening, but after almost two days of labor and one dead puppy, Nana and Poppie took Little Lap Dog to the vet for emergency surgery. Nana and Poppie were in the room with her and saw the Vet deliver three dead puppies and when the vet gave her medicine to wake her up, she didn't wake up. The Vet wasn't sure if there was something wrong with Little Lap Dog or maybe the puppies had died and become toxic. The Vet kept the puppies to try and figure it out. He is a friend of Poppie's (they are on a Agriculture Board together). The night before they had been on their way to see him, but after talking to him on the phone, they went back home. Nana know something was wrong, but we hadn't had little puppies in over 20 years. Little Lap Dog was having a hard time, but in the past, letting nature take it's course had always worked. Not this time. Nana and Poppie were both shocked and distraught. Little Lap Dog was Nana's buddy. It is hard to hear your Mother crying. I think as Nana and Poppie have gotten older, they have become more attached to their little creatures. The kids got a hard lesson last night. They were so sad. They didn't get to play with Little Lap Dog's puppies and Nana and Poppie were sad. Number One Daughter was up for hours. I kept trying to get her to sleep and she kept saying, "We didn't say all of our prayers and pray so I can say what you say." She finally went to sleep about 1:30 AM. Dealing with death is hard, but I want our children to know that we tell them the truth. How will they ever trust us if we lie to them? As a child, not knowing what happened to our animals when they were not there anymore was torture.

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