Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm trying not to read anything in to this, but...

Yesterday, the Pastor of the Church that we have been going to on on off for years, recently, more on, told us that he will be leaving and going to Chili in four months. When I first moved to town, this is the Church I went to. When I moved next door to another Catholic Church, I still kept going, but then I found a place for myself and became part of the community of the Catholic Church next door. When the Pastor left, and then the familiar Associate Pastor left, we went back to the Church down the street. Hubby didn't really like the church down the street, but when Fr. Joe came, it helped us all go to church as a family. Fr. Joe has made so many positive changes in the church down the street. The community had the reputation for being rather cold, it has warmed up in the past seven years. This attributed to Fr. Joe and the Holy Spirit. Almost three years ago, a friend Priest friend moved back to Austin to a parish close to our house. We changed churches and tried to be part of the community, but we never fit in. Our Priest friend had to make some hard decisions and asked to be re-assigned after two years. We then came back to the church down the street. I'm was happy about it, because we really like Fr. Joe. He has agreed to host a Holy Hour for the kids and spend time teaching them to talk to Jesus. I met with him, I was rather nervous, he seemed nice, but other than seeing him at Mass, I did not know him. He was so nice and generous with his time. He is also a wonderful confessor. Last night when we talked to the kids about Fr. Joe leaving, they were both hysterically crying. They don't understand, and neither do we. This is so hard, it is hard for us to fit in anywhere, the story of our lives before we met, and now as a married couple. We were just making a fresh start and now it will happen again.
Jesus I Trust in You!

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