Tuesday, January 6, 2009

back to the old

Yesterday, we were there only family at park day, which is okay, because I get to play with the kids. We had fun. it was a little cold and we left after an hour or so. Number Two Son has been hitting, biting and crying, I'm not sure if he is tired, teething or adjusting to Hubby being back at work, whatever the reason, I hope he gets back to his sweet, loving self soon. Number One Son was not himself yesterday either. He is not a mean child, when he is, he is sick or emotionally upset. He might be having allergic/reflux/asthma symptoms that he can't talk about or maybe he is also adjusting to Daddy going back to work. Number One Daughter is doing great, she has become quite a helper and the best gift she could give me, no crying, has been at the top of her list of things to do. Everyone is better when there is no crying. Our house is tiny and has tile floors, crying reverberates and makes my head hurt. Number One Daughter asks whey I have a sad face, then she imitates me, furrowed brow and all. So cute, then I smile :)

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