Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank You Jesus!

I've been meaning to write about Hubby's work ordeal for a while. The kids and I sprinkled blessed salt over the classroom threshold and in the corners of his room and we blessed his classroom with holy water the night before classes started last Fall. He has a new principal this year and sadly, she doesn't seem to see the beautiful, caring, selfless teacher that he is. It was a huge leap of faith, but we decided that I should give up a day of work (it cut my paycheck in half, ouch!) so he could spend more time securing his job. We have been praying for her and his students and, as always Hubby too. Hubby has been praying to trust Jesus, and the kids and I pray a Divine Mercy Chaplet for him. The week before TAKS testing, I woke up early to say an extra Chaplet for his Principal (a major feat for this late sleeper). Several of his colleagues are retiring or transferring. Many teachers have been forced to resign or quit. It has been a tough year to be a teacher at his school. He had begun to doubt himself as a teacher. We put it all in God's hands. The transfer fair came and Hubby had been home sick for a week with a respiratory bug (during the H1N1 virus scare), so he couldn't go. TAKS scores came back and 90% of his students passed! He was assigned the task of tracking his students gains from last year to this year and he not only had the highest percentage of passage in the school, but also the most gains from last year to this year for his students. He got his first smile and "Kudos" from his principal this week. Thank You God, Thank You Jesus and Thank You St. Faustina.

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