Friday, October 29, 2010


I made costumes for the kids until a few years ago. I heard, "I'll
wear the Pope costume, but I really want to be Spiderman," from Number
One Son a few years ago. I was sad, but he endulged me for several
years. He was a monkey, St. Francis, St. Michael and then John Paul
II, the Great before choosing Speed Racer, Spiderman, Batman and Darth
Vader this year. Number One Daughter was an Angel, St. Elizabeth Ann
Seton, Cinderella, St. Philomena, Batman and Toothless this year.
Number Two Son missed his first Halloween because he was sick. He has
been St. Francis, Batman and Iron Man this year.
I did get to sew All Saints Costumes for all three of them this year.
Number One Son will be Divine Mercy Jesus, Number One Daughter will be
Our Lady and Number Two Son will be St. Padre Pio. With two white
robes and one brown one, I hope to recycle/repurpose the costumes for
a couple more years. They all have such strong opinions, our children.
I wonder where they get that?
I find it strange that our children seek out the same costumes as most
other children their age even though their exposure to "characters"
is limited. I guess they will get to a point when they want unique
costumes and I will be useful again.

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Abigail said...

Mine are all wearing something from their dress up box. :) You are very talented!!