Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Number Two Daughter

Hubby has a yucky URI, so he stayed home from work today and was able to go to the cemetary with us. I made allergy-free cupcakes, he planted a lily from our yard (but originally from his old house), we sang "Happy Birthday" walked around the beautiful grounds of Our Lady of the Rosary and said a Divine Mercy Chaplet before we drove home.
Before we left home, there was quite a heated discussion between Number One Son and Number One Daughter about what to call today. He insisted that it was Number Two Daughter's feast day, it was the celebration of the day she went to Heaven, he explained to his sister. Number One Daughter insisted it was her birthday. We compromised and agreed that it was both!
Number One Daughter saw little toys at the graves of other babies during our last visit. She wanted to buy her sister a toy. I was sceptical if she would actually leave a really cute cat and dog Littlest Pet Shop set dressed as an angel and devil. When it comes to her baby sister, Number One Daughter always suprises me. She is thoughtful, selfless and brave.
Number One Son was sad. We talked about how, after praying about it for several days, we decided to tell them about their sibling being born to Heaven. He agreed that it was better that we told him. He is still shocked that I wasn't told about my siblings born to Heaven until I was almost grown.
It is my sincerest prayer that our children will use this life experience to witness to others about respect for life from conception to natural death. They participated in a funeral for their sister who was the same age when most abortions take place. So much has happened in the past year, I have been grateful for all the extra prayers, today was so much more about gratitude than sadness.

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Abigail said...

How sad and beautiful at the same time. We did not have anywhere near this much done for any of our three precious little ones born into Heaven. But, we remember them and all babies who are lost. Lots of prayers Janet!