Sunday, March 29, 2009

Un Attached Society

Number One Son and Hubby went to a Cub Scout overnight at the Dallas Zoo yesterday. Number One Daughter and Number Two Son and I went to the Austin Zoo, a rescue Zoo about 15 minutes from our house on most days. There was something going on with small imported cars at the CapMetro commuter lot, so it took us much longer to get there than usual. The Zoo trip is always fun for the kids and a big workout for me. The Hill Country terrain is rough no matter what kind of stroller you are pushing. When we were riding the train a large birthday party group got on. The little boy in front of us was about Number One Son's age, maybe 6 or 7. He wanted to be away from his mother and that seemed okay with her. I found this very strange. All of our children want to be with us. Isn't that the way is is supposed to be? Has society trained children from an early age (with daycare and school) that you shouldn't want to be with your parents. The way I read it, children aren't supposed to leave their parent until they get married. Our hope and prayers are that our children will want to be with us and that we will remain a close family forever to eternity.

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Abigail said...

Our own are all pretty stinking attached still. I have no problems with that--except for the times when they ALL 5 want to sit in my lap (seeing as Sarah hasn't left my lap at all yet ;) )