Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome Home Frankie Francis

Frankie Francis (named for our beloved St. Francis of Assisi) has been with us for about two weeks. The Town Lake Animal Shelter was closing and moving across town so we thought it would be a good time to get a free dog. After three visits, numerous phone calls and messages, it became apparent that getting a suitable dog from Austin was not going to happen. Someone sent me a link to the shelter in San Antonio. They are not a no-kill shelter, like Austin, Their goal is 50% + 1. We saw a couple of dogs we liked,one was toy poodle, she was deemed "aggressive" and not available for adoption. I saw this cutie and could not believe that a beautiful dog like this was actually at a shelter and not already adopted. The online information said the Pomeranian was male, when we got there, the paperwork said the Pomeranian was a female and when we went to pick up the Pomeranian, we were told HE was a neutered male. He loves me, which is the most important thing AND he is house trained. He gets along well with Einstein (Smart Puppy). Initially, he barked and nipped at Hubby and Number Two Son, but he has adjusted to our home and is really very calm. He has a cold (AKA Kennel Cough), it has been two weeks so we are headed to the Vet tomorrow for treatment options. Bless his little canine heart, he has coughing spells during the night. Being the Momma that I am, I wake up every time he coughs. I hope he gets over this soon, it so tiring (and pitiful!).

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