Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Divine Mercy Novena started on Friday. I was hopeful, and led to believe, that our parish would encourage and propagate the Divine Mercy devotion. A lovely lady from the parish compiled and presented a proposal, which I understood to be a formality. I asked the Director of Liturgy if RE should obtain copies of the novena and chaplet or if they would be distributed to the Parish before Easter. I was told to hold off purchasing the booklets for RE. The DRE agreed to say the Chaplet with all the RE children when we gather, I brought her the copy of the Chaplet that we use during Children's Adoration. Sadly, we didn't say the Chaplet tonight with all the kids. We say it almost every week in my Third Grade class, the kids did a great job praying for the Meek and Humble Souls and the Souls of Little Children tonight. Last night, after Mass, our Pastor talked with Number One Son about his Divine Mercy All Saints Costume. He also mentioned that the devotion was spreading. I asked if there was going to be something special on Divine Mercy Sunday and he said it would be mentioned in the Homily. I hope and pray that promoting a devotion to the Divine Mercy was not delayed a year because our Deacon will be ordained to the Priesthood on Divine Mercy Sunday and our pastor, associate pastor and a bus load of people from our parish will be at Notre Dame. Blessed John Paul II declared on April 30, 2000, "The Second Sunday of Easter from now on throughout the Church will be called Divine Mercy Sunday." Eleven years later and this beautiful devotion doesn't warrant more than a one line mention in the Homily? It is very sad and disappointing that promoting Divine Mercy has not been mandatory or, at the very least, strongly encouraged.

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