Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cleaning Up

Number One Son made his First Confession last week. He felt si good afterwards that he said he wanted to go again this week. Hubby was at work, so 30 minutes before scheduled confessions, I had him come inside to clean up. He joyfully came inside and cleaned up, well everything except his hands. After sending him back to the bathroom three times, I helped him clean the dirt from the top of his hands, fingernails and wrists. He made sure to point out what was clean. We waited for an hour and a half and he sat with our Priest and finished up what he started last week. Reflecting on the day, maybe my lesson was about cleaning up our souls. Number One Son did the best he could do on his own, but then he needed me. Our cumulative confessions are like the repeated trips of Number One Son to wash his hands. Our Father in Heaven cleans our souls through the gift of reconciliation and by the grace of God, he accepts us, poor sinners, to be with him forever.


Abigail said...

Very insightful Janet! I love being able to peak at your thoughts!

A.D.D. Honey Bee said...

I started writing with the intention of making a funny about how I deserved an indulgence for waiting 1 1/2 hours with three kids, but as I was writing I had a "ah-ha" moment.