Monday, January 18, 2010

Kisses for Jesus

Yesterday before Church, Hubby and I gave verbal expectations about behavior. Number Two Son was feeling chatty, so I stepped outside with him (it was my turn). Number One Daughter was especially wiggly and after Mass, Hubby gave her a C-. She was livid, she wanted a B (her name starts with a B, she could care less about an A)! She cried all the way home. I told her I'd take her to the Adoration Chapel so she could apologize to Jesus. Well, she cried for another 45 minutes and then she was ready to go to Church. She told me she wanted to stay "10 minutes," her favorite number right now. She did a great job, the benches are a bit squeaky, and every time she heard a sound, she whispered how noisy the chairs were. She spent some time on her knees, laying down, posing like the Angel statues on either side of the monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament. It was very sincere and quite adorable. After about 20 minutes, she got more chatty and more wiggly, so I told her time was up. She spontaneously blew kisses to Jesus, very sweet. Even though she deserved an A, I gave her a B and she was happy.

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