Thursday, July 25, 2013

On a Wire

More than once in my life I have said that things can only get better. I find myself in that spot again. Last summer was rough: high-risk, complicated pregnancy, unemployed husband, home foreclosure looming, record drought/heat and working as much as I could to pay bills. I cried more than I ever have and was so humbled by help from friends and family. I feel very sad that most of our family did very little. I just don't know what we would have done without my parents. I do not know how I will ever repay them. Our dear sweet Priest reminds everyone to pray for their parents, I certainly do.  Hubby was underemployed again this year. We have not fully supported ourselves in well over a year. He is employed, but he does not start work until August and we don't get a full paycheck until the end of September. Most summers I work more, but every place I work has been slow (people working 1/2 days or only working 4 days a week). Our 2 year old refrigerator is not working. Thankfully, we have a deep freeze and ice chests until pay day. I havn't slept well in over a week. We are on a payment plan for our utilities and I have been making payments, or so I thought... One of my electronic payments didn't post so now we owe $1,400.00+. My paycheck will not cover it so I called and asked for help again.
Can things get worse? Certainly! Have things been better? Absolutely! I have been saying a Chaplet of Divine Mercy when I wake up, I know that I need to Trust Jesus. We need to discern what else to do to get our lives back on track.

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