Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Not-So-Good Comes With Thanks

Hubby has been working since the second week of September. This is a very good thing! The not-so-good thing is that he will not get paid until the end of October! I am thankful that it is just a few days away.
I worked the past three weekends, another good thing. Almost all of the money I earned was spent on a bed. I had no choice, my soft-side-money-pit-leaky-moldy-waterbed had to go. Sleeping on an air mattress for the last few months has been miserable. Now I am very thankful to have a real bed, I'm hoping that my creaky neck and back agree with my choice of mattress.
Hubby finally got paid for a couple of days of work he did at the end of August. That bought us gas and him a bus pass so we could save gas money to and from work. I think it also bought an undetermined amount of lottery tickets, desperate times often lead to desperate measures. I think Hubby also got a pound or so of premium coffee out of that paycheck, I'm sure he is thankful for a few days of coffee that he chose, not just coffee that I bought because it was on sale.
Going to the grocery store is just as stressful as it always has been. We have to make our grocery budget stretch until the 9th of the month. Thankfully, we will have two paychecks before then.
I am still checking things off my list before I will be ready for baby girl to arrive. I have paperwork to do at the office, I need to vote, print and fax insurance and mortgage paperwork, I have food to prepare/freeze and then we are good to go!

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