Monday, August 8, 2011

What we learned...

What We Learned in 3rd Grade Religious Education (2010-2011)

Many of my students were learning to speak English as a second language, I just took dictation from what they said.

• How to treat others nicely
• The Divine Mercy Chaplet
• Hail Mary prayers in English
• That being in a Pre-K room, it is very difficult to work
• The Passion of Jesus
• Help my our family and friends
• Say I want to go to church
• How to heal people, about the Samaritan
• Help people you don’t like
• How Jesus is life, how to change Jesus’ life
• All the Rosary
• I learned how to use the beads to keep track when saying prayers
• The Weight of a Mass
• How one person and another look different but they are family
• Our neighbors, don’t walk past people on the side of the road, try and help them
• How to pray when something is like the TAKS test
• Lean about the Stations of the Cross
• Learn how to ignore bullies, say prayers for them
• We learned more about Lent
• When we say the St. Gertrude prayer, 1000 souls go from purgatory to Heaven
• Learned new vocabulary words
• Learned about the 10 Commandments
• Learned you can pray for family so they can be safe or healthy

I certainly learned that if you don't give up there are friuts of your labor. It was such a rough year, I was frustrated and embarassed. The students bullied Number One Son, ran through the church talking and laughing, talked out of turn constantly, and misbehaved in front of our Deacon and Priests. I guess they learned something afterall. All things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26).
We just got out computer fixed and I typed this up for our Pastor and DRE. I think this was God's way of getting my mind ready for the next batch of 3rd graders in a month.

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