Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Number One Son will never be the same

After tomorrow, Number One Son will have the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ physically present in him forever. A dear friend suggested that we ask for the grace of him recieving Communion without an allergic reaction. Tonight when we said prayers, even Number One Daughter asked that for her brother. She always has a hard time when attention is focused on anyone but her, but tonight, she was sincere in her prayer. It was a long day, I spent more than 8 hours cooking and baking for our celebration tomorrow. I sometimes wonder what I would do with my time if I could just order a cake from a bakery and serve up hamburgers and hotdogs at family gatherings? My kitchen will always be messy, dishes, pots, pans and bowls always "just used" and if I were a betting woman, Id bet that is what my children will remember about me. I love our small house with a big kitchen!

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