Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes, I know you are listening

So, after my rant about almost everyone overlooking the positive of my first born something special happened. Last week was the Scout Mass at Church. Numer One Son and Number One Daughter did a great job during the entrance procession. The Wolf Den sat together with their Akela in the middle, the Wolves were packed in one row like little blue sardines. Number One Son did so well. I was in awe of how he did everything he was supposed to do. Sleepy, hungry children do a good job in Mass as long as it is in the morning. After Mass, a lady came up to me and asked if I remembered her? She was one of Number One Son's CCD teacher from last year. She and the other co-teacher were always complementary to him. I remember her saying how special he was. We found Number One Son after Mass, he remembered her and immediately told her that he had made his First Confession. I was so happy to run into her; although, I know it wasn't an accident. Thank you my Lord and Savior!

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